NZX Dairy Futures market Dairy

OMF has been a major supporter of the NZX Dairy Futures market since its inception. We are participants of the NZX and can offer customers direct access to the local and global dairy markets.

OMF has local expertise and global experience, we can provide insights and information as to what is happening with dairy at a local and farmgate level as well as providing hedging advice and strategies to manage risk on the international stage.

If you are a local farmer looking to manage price risk, an exporter looking to hedge against falling prices or a manufacturer/distributor mitigating rising prices – OMF can develop and deliver strategies that offset risks.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss how OMF can help you navigate the international dairy markets.

Nigel Brunel
Director of Institutional Commodities
Karl Arns
Institutional Commodities Dealer
Logan MacLeod
Dealer, Institutional Commodities
Daniel Tetro
Institutional Commodities Dealer