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NZ’s Leading Spot and Forward Carbon Broker

OMF have played a critical role in guiding their clients through a developing carbon market since they were the first in NZ to complete a transaction under the scheme in March 2009. Our position in the carbon market has us acting for all major emitters, forest owners, NZ companies and we have facilitated trading in over 130 million tonnes of carbon since that time. We have a sound reputation, understanding and experience within the global carbon markets and the policies that drive them. We also created CommTrade - a platform the buying and selling of carbon credits -

We have access to local and global markets through our wholesale banking connections and the ability and the expertise to formulate carbon strategies to suit both buyers and sellers of carbon credits. Our team of experienced carbon dealers are there to provide you with support, education and advice, as well as a range of market reports, daily commentaries and announcements so that you can stay fully informed of market movements.

We can assist with all aspects of a carbon transaction, from seeking initial interest through to transaction completion including escrow services.

We are specialists in:

  • Spot and forward carbon contracts
  • Carbon derivatives
  • Documentation
  • Settlement
  • Aggregation
  • Carbon credit comparisons
  • Carbon farming offtake agreements
  • Research

To learn more about our Carbon Services, please contact one of our Carbon team below:

Nigel Brunel
Director of Institutional Commodities
Karl Arns
Institutional Commodities Dealer
Daniel Tetro
Institutional Commodities Dealer