OMF is proud to bring you OMF MarketTrader, an easier way to gain access to the world’s derivatives markets.

OMF MarketTrader gives you direct access to over 100 international exchanges across 23 countries, allowing you to trade options and- CFDs directly from your device.

Optimise your trading experience with OMF MarketTrader, a unique platform putting the markets at your fingertips.

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OMF Market Trader

Features & Benefits


Direct Market Access to equity derivatives, options and CFDs

OMF MarketTrader provides direct access to markets around the world. Trade listed equity options and CFDs in multiple currencies all from the one account.


Instant execution of trades in over 100 exchanges across 23 countries

The (SMART) function scans multiple exchanges to obtain the best price in the market. One click trading allows orders to be routed directly to the exchange to ensure lightning fast execution and accurate pricing.


Mosaic - A fully customisable workspace

OMF MarketTrader optimises your trading in a single, customisable trading and information workspace. The Mosaic workspace provides intuitive out-of-the-box usability and is easily modified to suit individual requirements. Whether you are a fundamental investor focused on research and breaking news, or are more interested in charting and technical aspects of the market, Mosaic has the flexibility to suit your needs.


Professional news and research tools

Access important information and research tools that give you the edge you need. OMF MarketTrader is a platform that comprises a powerful line up of professional-grade research tools from some of the world’s most respected data providers. 


Advanced charting features and overlays

Chart equities, indices, futures and options. Compare and overlay different products. Candlestick, bar and line charts available on a 30 second to multi decadal timeframe. OMF MarketTrader’s customisable overlays, indicators and moving averages, with the ability to chart option implied volatility, meets the needs of the most demanding technical analyst.


Real time risk management

Real-time monitoring systems help you understand and manage your own trading risk at any time of the day so that you can react quickly to market movement. Our online margin calculators can be used prior to placing trades to ensure you don’t exceed your liquidity requirements.


Comprehensive reporting with customisable statements

Customisable statements provide detail on all your trading activity and can be viewed as downloadable PDFs or in HTML format. Our online reporting and analysis interface lets you analyse the performance of your portfolio online by creating and saving PDF reports based on a set of measurement criteria. 


Over 50 order types and algorithms available

For advanced traders, the option strategy lab allows you to compare scenarios based on your perception of future market conditions. OMF MarketTrader supports over 50 order types and algorithms that may help limit risk, provide price improvement, allow privacy, time the market and simplify the trading process.

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