Easy to use, OMF cTrader offers a flawless and lightning fast trading experience, whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro.

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OMF cTrader gives you Straight Through Processing (STP) access to the forex market right from your own P.C., tablet or smartphone. Designed for professionals and novices alike, OMF cTrader is a ground breaking trading tool, developed to give you secure access to major foreign exchange markets from any location. The platform is highly sophisticated yet extremely user friendly and intuitive. The STP environment routes all your trades directly to prices aggregated from many prominent banks, avoiding the need for market maker type intervention and doing away with the potential for manipulation and re-quotes.

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Features & Benefits


Access from any location

With the introduction of OMF cTrader Web, you can trade FX even when you are away from your desktop. This lets you access your account from anywhere in the world on any Apple iOS or Android device.


No dealing desk intervention

The absence of a dealing desk allows you to trade in a transparent and live environment giving you the tightest spreads possible and fast execution when you trade “at market”. This allows for fully automated order acceptance, routing and execution.


Lightning fast execution

Placing orders has never been so quick, with only a single click needed to execute your order. It takes less than a millisecond for orders to enter the market, making it easier for automated and high frequency trading.


Level II pricing

OMF cTrader’s depth of market shows a full range of executable prices, streamed directly from our liquidity providers.
The online platform shows you the available volumes for each price at any given time, ensuring that the depth of liquidity of each currency pair has never been more transparent.


In-depth technical analysis

OMF cTrader provides you with all the tools for technical analysis with custom indicators. These are self-adjusting to the selected timeframe, while zoom levels are easily accessible from within the charts.



Multi-charting options enrich your trading experience by providing traditional single charts, multi-chart modes as well as detachable charts. This allows you to personalise your trading platform the way you would like to see it. With OMF cTrader you can build your own indicators or choose from the extensive library within OMF cTrader Analyse.

Supported Languages

English, Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Danish, Dutch, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portugese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese

System Requirements

Desktop Client - Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, .Net Framework 4
OSX - Mac users can access their accounts on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox using OMF cTrader Web

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