OMF are the creators of CommTrade, an online platform that provides live pricing and execution services for a full range of carbon transactions.

CommTrade is a user friendly platform that matches parties that are buying and selling contracts in the NZ carbon market. Registered users can post bids and offers on carbon units.

Features & Benefits


Access Live Pricing

CommTrade provides a facility where live pricing is a listed for all available carbon and electricity contracts. Access latest spot and forward prices, options pricing and historical data across a full range products that can be executed via the platform.


Post bids and offers in a live environment

Buyers and sellers can log in and place orders when the markets are open. Orders can be executed on a spot or forward basis. All prices are anonymous - the platform will electronically provide you with trade and counterparty details once the buy and sell has been matched.


Professional news and research tools

Access the information you need to stay fully informed of market developments. Our daily market commentary provides an in-depth analysis of the carbon and power markets to keep you up to date.