Futures Contract Specifications

Essential information about every futures and options contract is right at your fingertips.

The Futures Contract Specifications report will show you trading hours, tick value, margin requirements plus much more. A commodity contract's size, months traded, daily limits, minimum tick increments, trading hours and other details unique to each product make up a Futures Contract's Specifications details. A commodity Futures Contract Specification, commonly known as Contract Spec, is also provided online by major commodity exchanges. Each commodity is different. Understanding the Futures Contract Specifications is at the heart of knowing the rules that govern a commodity futures or options contract, as well as the price movement of each commodity.

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January = F, February = G, March = H, April = J, May = K, June = M, July = N, August = Q, September = U, October = V, November = X, December = Z

Commodity Exchange Futures Month Contract Size Contract Unit Tick Size Currency Tick Value Margin Trading Hours (NZ Time) First Notice Day Last Trade Day Months Traded Cash Settled Reuters Code Bloomberg Code