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免费讲座。便捷的Britomart 地点。

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进入金融市场,想了解更多金融产品以及如何进行交易吗?OMF 诚挚的邀请您参加我们的讲座
OMF are thrilled to invite you to an exciting opportunity to learn more about financial trading across a range of financial products.

OMF 是新西兰本土最具盛名的金融经纪公司,通过我们的电话交易服务和在线交易平台,为您提供外汇,股票,期货和期权交易的全方位服务。
NZ-based OMF have provided traders access into the foreign exchange, equities, futures and options markets for nearly three decades, via our experienced dealing desk, and a range of award-winning digital trading platforms.

您将和我们的资深交易员Kevin Morgan 和 laura luo 一起,从应该做的到不应该做的,技术分析到基本面分析,探索金融市场,平衡风险和收益。即使您经验丰富,也会有所收益。
Discover the trading world and how to balance risk with OMF. From the do’s to the dont's, the technicals to the fundamentals, you will hear from some of OMF’s most experienced traders: Kevin Morgan and Laura Luo. Even if you’re an expert, there are guaranteed to be nuggets of wisdom in this one hour seminar for you.

ubjects to be discussed throughout the event:

经济市场概况 Economic market overview

市场行情及主要经济指标 Market movement and major economic indicators 

 主要交易策略及规则 Key trading strategies and rules

订单类型及关键术语 Order types and key terminology 

交易平台 OMF trading platforms key features overview OMF 

免费讲座。便捷的Britomart 地点。
Free seminar. Convenient Britomart location.

日期:2018年九月二十七日 周四
Date: Thursday 27th September 2018

时间:6:00pm 到场,6:15pm 开始
Time: 6:00pm for a 6:15pm start  

地址:Level 2, Austalis Nathan Building, 37 Galway Street, Britomart, Auckland   
Location: Level 2, Austalis Nathan Building, 37 Galway Street, Britomart, Auckland    

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