About Us

OMF is a New Zealand owned and operated brokerage firm, with a strong and established reputation in the financial markets. OMF advises and facilitates trading in a full range of financial products available in the FX, carbon, options, equities, CFDs and futures markets. Operating in these highly competitive and regulated financial markets requires experience, integrity and superior levels of service.

In addition to providing a phone based service, OMF have an emerging offering of online trading and execution platforms making us one of the most comprehensive and professional broking services in New Zealand.

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Company History

OMF was formed in 1987 as Ord Westpac Futures NZ Limited and eventually became part of the Ord Minnett Group in 1993. In 2001, the company was acquired by management and a group of investors and became OM Financial Limited.

In a series of firsts, OMF was the first NZ Futures and Options Participant to be accredited by NZX in 2004. Since then we have become licensed as an NZX Trading & Advising Firm (Derivatives), a NZX Advising Firm (Equities), a Clearing and Depository Participant (Derivatives), and approved as NZ’s first NZX Dairy Futures Advisory Firm.

In 2009, we transacted the first carbon deal under New Zealand’s Emission Trading Scheme.

OMF Tmeline 2017 

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